“Would you rather…?” – Week 1 of April

Here is our “Would you rather…?” questions for the first week of April! We hope you enjoy answering them and thank you for all the participation on the previous questions!

Would You Rather Polls

Would You Rather Poll.com would like to hear your opinion! We have gathered a list of would you rather questions for you to answer.

Let us know what you think! Remember the “would you rather…?” game is funner with more people, vote on the poll and let us know what you have to say.

“Would You Rather…?” Questions

Would You Rather Poll has created a list of some sample “would you rather…?” questions. We hope you find some enjoyment in the list and that it can help inspire your own “would you rather…?” questions.

Would you rather save someones life, or win a million dollars?
Would you rather be deaf or blind?
Would you rather never be able to brush your teeth again or have no teeth?

Caffeine or Sugar?
Caffeine or Sugar?

Would you rather give up sugar or give up caffeine?
Would you rather constantly smell bad and can’t smell it or constantly smell something bad?
Would you rather always have to say what is on your mind or never talk again?
Would you rather have 20 fingers or 3 arms?
Would you rather wrestle with Hulk Hogan or box with Mike Tyson?
Would you rather have no arms or no legs?
Would you rather have $100,000 legal cash or $1,000,000 illegal cash?

Would you rather have to live in one place forever or never return to where you are from?
Would you rather be stuck in a world that is too big for you or too small for you?
Would you rather be constantly itchy or constantly sticky?
Would you rather travel and be poor or live in one place forever and be rich?

Remember the key to a good game of “Would you rather…?” is interesting questions without a clear easy choice, and of course other people to participate.

About the Game “Would you rather…?”

One of the most common ways to kill time is through ice-breaker games like the ever famous “Would You Rather?”. But before gathering your friends to play this game with, you should at least know the basics in asking would you rather questions especially since the key to this game is the line of questions that the players are asking.

In this game, you will not only learn how to kill your vacant time but also will learn things about your friends by just answering questions. By learning the tricks and tips of this game, you will learn how to play the game in a fun way.

Mechanics Of The Game

1. Find Other Players

In order to play this game, there has to be a minimum of three players. The more people you have in the game, the better the game will be. In some cases, people prefer two players for this game. Whether you like to play the with only two players or three, the success of the game depends not on the number of the players but on how the players come up with would you rather questions.

2. Setting Rules

Every game, no matter how trivial it is, should have rules that are bound to be followed. When setting rules, all the players must be me made aware of these rules. Rules on asking questions, how long the players should answer them, and the possible consequences must be discussed before starting the game.

3. Formulating The Questions

One of the most important parts of this game is the questions being asked by the players. The questions will also determine the success of the game since without very striking questions, this game will end up just a typical question and answer session. So if you want to make this game more fun and enjoyable, one should ask harder questions.

One tip in formulating a tough question is to make the choices very closely similar so as the person being asked will have a tough time choosing which option to choose. Questions where people have two closely similar choices will make the players have a hard time choosing between choices.

Another important tip in formulating the question is that it should start with the “Would you rather…?” phrase. The more bizarre and odd the questions and options are, the better.

4. Give Ample Time To Choose

If you’re on the asking side, you should not rush the person whom has asked the questions of them. Before starting the game, you should set an allowable time on how long only a person has to answer a certain question. This time limit should be followed all throughout the game by all players.

Tips & Tricks

In order to formulate a tough question, you may focus within a single topic rather than jumping from one topic to another. This will help you formulate faster and better questions. When throwing your questions, you can withhold them for several seconds creating an impression that what you will be asking is a tough one. Mind conditioning the person whom you will be asking is a very effective strategy in this game and it works. It is ideal as an ice-breaker in between sessions in a seminar or just to while the time with your friends over beer.

Boardless, Cardless Games to Play With Interesting Questions

Are you and your friends bored and stuck in a room with nothing else to do? If you’ve been in this kind of situation several times, you should know that there are ways to let time pass by playing games that don’t require cards and boards; all you need to do is formulate an interesting question and be familiar with a few simple rules.

If you’re tired of scrabble and word factory, trying a boardless and cardless game this time is a sensible option. If you and your friends are finding ways on how to enjoy the company of one another but wasn’t able to get game paraphernalia, you might as well try these types of games.

Would You Rather

interesting questions2Probably one of the most popular of all  conversation games is the “Would you Rather” game. It is less than a game and more of a rhetorical exercise.

The key to this game is the players creativity and ability to formulate sticking and intriguing questions with closely similar options.



Two Truths And A Lie

Two Truths And A Lie3This is a perfect game for groups who barely know each other. It is a fun way to learn and remember things about people.

In this game, each player has to share to the group three things about him or her. The rest of the group will now guess which of these things are true (there are two) and which one is false.

Fortunately Unfortunately

Although the players of this games aren’t necessarily required to ask interesting questions, what makes this game very interesting is the creativity of the group. This game is played by having the first player to create a scenario which will be the main theme or premise of the game, from that premise, players will add on to it by saying fortunately after which, another player will develop that premise but this time, the player will start by saying unfortunately. The players will develop the game so on and so forth.

Weird Questions: The Key To Fun Conversation Games

For fun-loving people, games don’t have to be played on board or with cards. There are actually several types of conversation games that ask tough and weird questions that players will surely find hard to answer.

These games are perfect way to while the time and spend time with your friends in any situations. If you and your friends are caught in a dragging and boring situation, wouldyouratherfriendsplayingthere’s no better way to let time pass by but to play games.

But in most cases, people caught in these situations are left with no gaming paraphernalia like boards and cards to use. If this is the case, you can try and play conversation games that don’t require card or any other things.

Would You Rather?
The Would You Rather? is just one of those many games that people still enjoy over the years. Among the many things that make these sorts of games fun and enjoyable are the weird questions that are vital to these games.

This game is best played with at least three people. You don’t actually have to be friends with the rest of the players for quite a long time or at all in order to enjoy this game. Since this conversation game is based on picking the best choice out of the two equally-terrible choices.


I went to the market

This game is perfect for group of friends with 2-5 persons. This is a combination of mnemonic and a memory game. The game is played with the first person giving a scenario and then the next person in the group develops that scenario and so on and so forth. The key to this game is to remember the scenario from the start until the last version of it.

Playing conversation games is fun and exciting. Whether it is played for your friends entertainment or an ice-breaker in between an event, this can surely bring a unique kind of entertainment to the group.

Funny Questions: The Key To a Fun, Exciting “Would You Rather” Game

When talking about ice-breaker games, “would you rather?” is one of the most common of them all. When it comes to question-and-answer based games, the key to a fun and exciting game is asking witty funny questions.

Players of questions based games must know how to formulate witty and funny questions that will not only make the game even more exciting but also fun. The key to success when playing this kind of game is the types of questions that the players are throwing out.

Tips In Formulating Questions

tipsWhen playing this game, players should stick to a single topic and pick sub questions under than main topic. Instead of jumping from one topic to another, choosing a topic from a single niche enables the player to focus on one topic and formulate questions from that niche.

Creating an illusion of thrill really works especially when asking questions. When throwing your questions to the person who will be answering them, one can add an attitude to add a feeling of thrill and excitement.

Adding some twists and variations to the game will make it even more exciting. Instead of sticking to the main and common theme of the game, which revolves solely in asking and answering questions with two closely related choices, one can put something new to this game that hasn’t been tried in the past.

Jonas Brothers Play The Game

Apparently, more and more people now love this game from ordinary citizens to famous Hollywood celebrities. This can be played almost in almost any event that would range from simple family gathering to an ice-breaker in between events.
So the next time you and your friends are looking for some activities that would help you while the time, you might as well try this game and see for yourself why more and more people are loving this game everyday.

“Would You Rather?”, The Movie

No one can deny that the would you rather game has become very popular and with that popularity a movie was made out of the concept. From an ordinary ice-breaker game to a full-blown movie, this has really evolved beyond anyone’s imagination.

The story behind the game

This game is commonly played in parties and gatherings where players are asked series of questions, which start with the phrase “would you rather?“. In every question, there are only two answers the player can choose from.

The key to this game is providing the player with two equally undesirable answers or the two choices are both awkward leaving the person being asked no other choice between the two both horrible answers.

From Game To Movie

would you rather1Decades or even centuries after people have been playing this game, a movie has finally been made inspired by the games concept. Written by Steffen Schlachtenhaufen and directed by David Guy Levy, the film was released in 2012.

To make the story more interesting and in order to get people watch it, the makers of this movie adaptation has introduced a story where people can relate to. Aside from the main theme of the movie, which revolved on the people playing the game, there are twists and turns within the movie that made it interesting.

An Epic Failure

Although the game was successfully launched and released two years ago, there were reports that based on the ratings and reviews, it was an epic failure. The IMDb gave the movie a 5.8 rating out of 10. This rating, according to IMDB is not that exceptional.

If it’s based on ratings and reviews, the movie can be perceived as a total failure. But based on its total gross income, it can be considered as a successful movie.